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CanDo! Days

Grades K & 1

Dance & Movement

Materials: Students will need about 3-5 feet of bubble space. Ideally.

Notes: Dancing with your class will help them to feel comfortable. So if you are able please join them in doing this lesson! It would be great to read, “The Fish and Their Gifts” with your class prior to doing this lesson. 

Dancing in slippers can be a tripping hazard. I recommend being barefoot or wearing sneakers.


Materials: None

Notes: The lesson begins with the students sitting in their own personal/bubble space. Note to students that they will be sitting or standing in their own personal/bubble space for the lesson. The ending questions of this lesson are worth exploring: “What would be your special gift?” and “To whom would it be given?” and Why? Offer examples ie: a gardenia plant for Aunty (she loves gardenias) or a banana crème pie for Uncle (always his favorite). Students could write, draw or share these ideas.


Materials: Paper (Optional)

Notes: (Optional) Ask students to write their own verse after the lesson.

Visual Art

Materials: Provided by the MACC -  one paper cutout fish shape and a small pack of crayons per student. 

You will also need: A pencil, one or more areas large enough to display finished artwork and celebrate or inspire the goodness in every student

Optional: Any other drawing supplies i.e markers, colored pencils, etc.

Notes :  Ideas for display: For K-1st grade, have students write their name on the back and a sentence with the name of whoever did the good deed on the front. Look who got caught doing a good deed" with a fishing pole or fish hanging down from a clothesline or along a wall.?  "Good deeds in Ms. Smith's class" Have multiple classes displayed throughout the school common areas. Or keep it simple with "Good deeds in our school"


We appreciate your feedback! Once you have participated in these lessons, please take the time to complete the evaluation form. This will help us improve and plan future programming.

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