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Practicing Breath: A Professional Development Workshop for Teachers focused on the intersections of of Nā Hopena A'o (HĀ) and Arts Integration

2022-2023 SY

Overall Goal:

Support teacher practical understanding of how to engage with Nā Hopena A'o (HĀ) through arts integration

These sessions will incorporate the following themes:


  1. To help teachers experience more understanding and confidence around (HĀ) and how to teach it 

  2. To use arts strategies in their classrooms as tools to better understand and utilize Nā Hopena A'o (HĀ) 

  3. To create the opportunity for teachers to apply what they’ve learned to a lesson plan with group support


Core Content/Grade Level Standard | National Core Arts Standards | Nā Hopena A'o (HĀ) Frameworks

Schedule Format:  4 Modules of ( 1. Preparation, 2. Workshop, 3. Homework, 4. Teacher Talk Time)


Presentation Format: Hybrid - in Person & via zoom, as noted in the schedule.

Teacher Pay: BKM Teachers will receive seat hours at the rate of 7 Hours per workshop, up to 28 hours

Cost: $100 per participant


BKM & Canoe Teachers- Fees covered by DOE. Participants must register with MACC & DOE.

Registration Deadline: 1 Week before Each Session (you may register for all or individual sessions)


Synchronous Workshop #1 

Alphabet Rockers


Thursday, Oct 20, 2022 | 3:30-5:30pm 

Location:  In-Person, MACC Haynes Meeting Room or via zoom

Synchronous Teacher Talk 

Led by MACC & DOE

Thursday, Nov 3, 2022 | 3:00-5:00pm

Location: Online via zoom

Synchronous Workshop #2
Kaʻanohi Kalama-Macomber

Thursday, Jan 12, 2023 | 3:30-5:30pm 

Location:  In-Person, MACC Haynes Meeting Room or via zoom

Ttile: E Hoʻoikaika i nā Pilina - Tethering to Moʻolelo that Matter

Synchronous Teacher Talk 
Led by MACC & DOE

Thursday, Jan 26, 2023 | 3:00-5:00pm
Location: Online via zoom

Synchronous Workshop #3
Kaliko Kaauamo

Thurs, Feb 23, 2023 |  3:30-5:30pm 
Location: In-Person, 
MACC Haynes Meeting Room or via zoom

Synchronous Teacher Talk 
Led by MACC & DOE

Thurs, March 9, 2023 | 3:00-5:00pm
Location: Online via zoom

Synchronous Workshop #4
Maggie Sutrov 

Thurs, April 6, 2023 | 3:30-5:30pm 
Location: In-Person, MACC Haynes Meeting
 Room or via zoom

Synchronous Teacher Talk 
Led by MACC & DOE

Thurs, April 20, 2023 | 3:00-5:00pm

Location: Online via zoom


Kaʻanohiokalā Kalama-Macomber is a mother of three from Koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu.  She is a kumu hula and the Nā Hopena Aʻo Education Specialist for the Hawaiʻi Department of Education's Office of Hawaiian Education.  Before joining the department, Kaʻanohi worked for a local ʻāina-based non-profit as a community organizer and educator.  It is her hope to be able to support the department in building stronger connections between schools and their communities in order to make learning more relevant and ultimately more meaningful for all.

Kaliko Kaauamo_edited.jpg


Kaliko Kaauamo is an educator, singer, kalo farmer, and Hawaiian language advocate. As a classroom teacher for over a decade she has seen the deep connections students are able to make to Hawaiʻi when they learn the unique stories and songs of this place. Kaliko is inspired by music as a tool to transport students into stories, to support students in using Hawaiiʻs indigenous language, and in activating a deep love of place in students of all ages. Through song, oli, and traditional Hawaiian instruments students leave her classes with a deeper connection to culture and the talents within themselves.


Maggie Sutrov takes her paints with her everywhere she goes on Maui and anywhere she travels in the world. From Haleakala National Park, to slack key concerts, from the Canadian Rockies to Angkor Wat in Cambodia–she’s painted there.

She feels that teaching art is even more fulfilling than painting. She specializes in helping children and adults use drawing and painting as a way to notice the world more deeply and to feel confident expressing this in their own way.

Maggie Sutrov.jpeg
Alphabet Rockers Co-Founders_Photo By Sam Popp _edited.jpg


Alphabet Rockers make music that makes change. Founded by Kaitlin McGaw (she/her) and Tommy Shepherd (he/him/they), this intergenerational group creates brave spaces to shape a more equitable world through hip hop. Their GRAMMY-nominated albums inspire American kids and families to stand up to hate and be their brave and beautiful selves.

Our families need content that is healing, that reflects who we are and empowers us—that embraces Black liberation, Queer liberation, Indigenous rights, immigrant rights, and intersectionality. Alphabet Rockers curates this content with the community, centering children’s voices. We amplify authentic stories and interrupt the patterns that got us here. Witness how we do this collective work—Join us in the embodiment of real change.

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