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CanDo! Days

All Grades
(English & ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi)

Bilingual Papa Mele

Materials: None

Notes:  Aloha e ke kumu! Today we will be using mele, music, to help us with our positive self talk. We will learn how to observe, kilo, our emotions, our naʻau and we will use this simple song to guide us back to ourselves when we are overwhelmed or frustrated, and also when we feel amazing! Feel free to expand on this by discussing how we can positively impact our emotions, and ask students to write their own verse!


Materials: Space needed for students, and loose, comfortable clothing. 

Notes: No skirts for girls, yoga tights preferred. Special awareness that stretching is done in all poses so comfortable attire is recommended.

Bilingual Papa Ioka

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