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CanDo! Days



Covid Response

Much like our in-person program, each grade will experience four (4) different art forms, Dance & Movement, Drama & Theater, Visual Arts & Music & Rhythm. Each interactive video is approvimately 15-20 minutes in length. During your reserved time period a password will be emailed, Teachers/Administrators are welcome to share the password with your grade/students for viewing access.

Honoring Our Gifts: Hawai'i Based Arts Integration, Social & Emotional Learning and Learning for Liberation

Virtual 2021-2022 CanDo! Days focuses on exploring elements of Hawaiian Arts & culture to support Social & Emotional Learning for student voice, expression and liberation.

Step 1:  Register

Visual arts does require supplies, however MACC is unable to provide such materials as the program has come to an end. We encourage you to be creative and substitute materials with what students have at home!

Step 2:  Check Your Email for Passcode

Please register by 2/22/22 in order to receive supplies. You are welcome to register after,and have full access to the lessons but will not be able to receive supplies. 

Optional Resources:

During your confirmed week selection, in addition to your supply package you will recieve a email with an exclusive passcode to view your selected grade lessons. 

Step 3:  Preview Introduction
Step 4: Select Grade & Language
Step 5:  Provide Feedback

We appreciate your feedback! Once you have participated in these lessons, please take the time to complete the evaluation form. This will help us improve and plan future programming.

Mahalo to:

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The Kosasa Foundation

Gary & Debra Michalchuk

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