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Youth Poet Laureate

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Youth Poet Laureate

SY 2020-2021

Photos: Bryan Berkowitz

Lua Bowman is the 2021 Hawaii Youth Poet Laureate, the first appointed in the history of Hawaii. At Punahou School, she is Senior Vice President of Punahou’s Black Student Union and takes part in a cohort in the Shanti Fellows Program. As an avid advocate in wanting to ensure the voices of students of color at her school are heard, she has participated in leadership conferences such as SDLC (Student Diversity Leadership Conference) and the 2021 Hawai’i DEI (Shanti Alliance) Conference. Lua is presently a senior at Punahou School and hopes to continue utilizing poetry as an outlet that enables Black Americans, like herself, to take charge of their image and their Black identity as a pathway to Black liberation. 

Lua Bowman

Hawai'i's 1st

Youth Poet Laureate

Lua Bowman

A Look Back at 2020-2021

Youth Poet Laureate Finalists

Anabella Charles
Korion Williams
Harley Wolters
Lyric Ono
Mika Hiroi

Headshot unavailable 

Julia Leong, Shea Noland, Rachel Waggoner, Eliana Pimentel
Ittai Wong

Le Jardin

Travis Thompson

Youth Speaks Hawai'i
Pacific Tongues

Youth Poet Laureate Instructors/ Mentors

Featured Judges

Camea Davis, PhD.- National Director of Youth Poet Laureate Program 

Joy Harjo- 23rd United States Poet Laureate 

Brandy McDougall- University of Hawai'i

Meera Dasgupta- Youth Poet Laureate 

Photos: Bryan Berkowitz

Video: Markus Kuenzel- MACC

Audio: Harrison Tatik- MACC

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